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Business analytics has revolutionized industries worldwide, prompting a shift towards novel decision-making approaches. Presently, enterprises recognize data as a pivotal business asset and actively seek solutions to leverage it to their advantage. The ability to make informed decisions hinges not only on slicing, dicing, and scrutinizing data, but also on a keen appreciation of the business context.

Neglecting this crucial aspect undermines the value of analysis. To succeed in the realm of business analytics, data quality, a proficient workforce versed in both technology and business intricacies, and a dedication to extracting insights that steer business choices are paramount.

We offer comprehensive consulting services for end-to-end analytics solutions. By assessing your organization's existing knowledge base and capabilities, we pinpoint the optimal solution that aligns with your requirements, timelines, budget, and constraints.

Managed Services

In today's landscape, businesses face immense pressure to achieve goals, meet operational expectations, and ensure security while optimizing costs. Financial experts recommend transitioning to a predictable cost model, such as a managed service, to navigate these challenges. Often, existing staff lack expertise in new technologies or the capacity to maintain novel services and applications. While hiring contractors is an option, it might prove costlier and less valuable amidst constrained budgets, hindering the pursuit of ever-growing performance objectives.

Tecohort Analytics presents a remote managed service model, ensuring our experts seamlessly adapt to your evolving requirements across every phase of your business transformation. Our commitment revolves around fostering unwavering trust with our clients, offering optimal and cost-effective solutions. This empowers our customers to embrace cutting-edge technologies in alignment with prevailing market trends, all while eliminating operational complexities. Delegate the responsibility to Tecohort for comprehensive management and unwavering support on your behalf.

Analytics as a service

Presenting Analytics as a Service (AaaS), our platform delivers a fully customizable cloud-based data analytics solution on a subscription model. With comprehensive end-to-end functionalities, it seamlessly organizes, analyzes, and presents data, enabling both technical and non-technical professionals to extract insights and drive impactful actions. AaaS encompasses a suite of bundled Business Intelligence and data-related services, centered around:

  • ETL(Extraction-Transformation-Load)/ELT service

  • Data warehousing service

  • Visualization service

  • Data science services

Unlock your company's aspirations of widespread market penetration, amplified client conversion, elevated credibility, and competitive differentiation. Embrace the transformational potential of Data Analytics as a Service (AaaS), where our seasoned expertise is strategically harnessed to materialize your business objectives. Seamlessly collaborating with leading cloud providers like Azure, AWS, and GCP, we ensure a streamlined adoption of AaaS technology, catalyzing data-driven innovation and propelling your business into an era of unrivaled excellence.

Staff Augmentation

Analytics Staff Augmentation is a strategic outsourcing approach that involves enlisting adept analytical tech resources externally to fulfill essential roles within your team, be it temporary or permanent. This flexible solution empowers businesses to meticulously select candidates aligned with their prerequisites and seamlessly adjust the size of their augmented team as circumstances demand. Numerous companies provide staff augmentation services, where IT vendors facilitate the integration of skilled technical professionals into your internal development team, catering to both short-term and long-term requirements.

Engaging these resources under our direct employment alleviates the expenses and responsibilities associated with permanent hires. Remote developers sourced via staff augmentation are exclusively committed to single projects at a time. At Tecohort, we offer adept remote professionals seamlessly integrated into your current teams, ensuring a cohesive fit that accelerates your objectives.


Fostering a collaborative analytics approach that harnesses the diverse skills, experiences, and expertise across various roles reaps rewards for both the organization and individual team members. The potential for insights grows exponentially when multiple minds converge to tackle a specific challenge.

Embracing this collaborative ethos, we consistently champion an approach that not only broadens our knowledge base but also propels us towards achieving our own and our partners' objectives.

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